Panorama Tower Kalkalpen National Park

21 Mountains Higher Than 2000 m

The visitor centre at Wurbauerkogel National Park boasts a unique Panorama Tower and the permanent exhibition “Fascinating World of Rocks”.
The tower is handicapped accessible!

Rosenau, home to the National Park of Wurbauerkogel, has a new landmark.  The 21 metre tower holds a stunning view of the surrounding mountains - 21 peaks higher than 2,000 metres: Sengsen Mountains, Reichraminger Mountain Range, Totes Gebirge, Warscheneck and Gesäuse.

Some thought the view from Wurbauerkogel was good enough – but see for yourself! The perspective changes as soon as you get to the top of the tower. The single floors feature panorama tables to identify the mountain peaks. Those who are brave enough to venture outside on the top floor can register in the “summit book“

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    With advance reservation groups can visit the Panorama Tower outside opening hours!

Exhibition “Fascinating World of Rocks” at the Panorama Tower

The mountain habitat has a lot to discover. The “Fascinating World of Rocks” exhibits the extraordinary, the special and the unique world of the plants and animals at home above the tree line. 
Did you know that the world’s fastest bird flies up to 300 km/h? Or have you heard of "Bergmandl", the alpinist among amphibians, and do you know the "pine gardener"? You will learn about animals with very good eyesight and about the best rock climbers. We will show you 3D animations of fascinating countryside and the largest karst spring in Upper Austria. A photo gallery presents the world’s most spectacular rock formations.

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